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Modern Bathroom Remodel


Amir has fifteen years of experience working with people in their homes. Working with clients is at the forefront of what draws him to a profession in Architecture. He delights in building his clients their dream house in their favorite neighborhood.

Having an architecture license both degrees in architecture and business administration, plus a background in real estate feasibility studies, gives Amir a keen eye for and an analytical understanding the entire construction process. Amir can be a trusted resource when looking for help on your next project . He has a reliable collection of quality builders, lenders, engineers.

During the early mornings and evenings, you can find him swimming at the neighborhood YMCA or playing tennis. He also manages a team of thirty soccer players with ages ranging from 16 to 60. Thankful for the beautiful nature of Washington, Amir enjoys weekends on hiking trails, kayaking on lakes, or exploring mountains with family and friends.

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